Rick Roth
Rick Roth
(formerly Frederick Hayes-Roth)
Acting Governor - DRC Community

Dr. Rick Roth co-founded Trusted Origins Corp. and its premier Community of Trust, the Disinformation Resistance Community (DRC). He currently serves as Governor of the DRC. Previously, he was a Professor in the Information Sciences Department at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California from 2003-2012). At NPS he taught the “capstone” course on strategy and policy for exploiting information technology. Prior to joining the NPS faculty, he was the Chief Technology Officer for Software at Hewlett-Packard. Before that he was Chairman and Chief Executive of two Silicon Valley companies that he co-founded. He was the program director for research in Information Processing at The Rand Corporation and, prior to that, was one of the co-inventors of the first continuous speech understanding systems, Hearsay-II, which became the ubiquitous “blackboard architecture,” and also created the vocabulary and grammar for the first successful Dragon speech system as well as Hearsay.

Dr. Roth founded Truth Seal Corp. in 2011. Truth Seal’s mission was to validate public statements, make the statements and their authors trustworthy, and help create a competitive marketplace that rewards truth telling. The company believed that many statements on the Internet should carry marks guaranteeing their validity with cash bonds. In 2012, Truth Seal launched a website called TruthMarket. TruthMarket was an online Marketplace for Truth Telling™. It provided ordinary citizens with a platform to “crowd-fund” and execute grass roots campaigns that publicly exposed misrepresentations and false political, commercial and science claims, while highlighting true claims and offering cash rewards to successful campaign creators, sponsors and challengers. After two years, the company folded, because we could literally find no customers who would back their claims with money.

Although Truth Seal failed, the ensuing years have made four things clear: (1) The plague of lying is much worse now than in 2011, and it’s now evident to everyone. (2) You cannot eliminate lying using incentives. (3) To reduce or eliminate lying, you must use proven methods of pollution control, including regulations, fines, and criminal prosecutions. (4) Unless we eliminate rampant disinformation, our nation won’t coalesce adequately to address looming threats.

Dr. Roth has written more than 100 published papers and co-authored five books. His most recent, published in hardback and eBook formats in 2011, is titled Truthiness Fever: How Lies and Propaganda are Poisoning Us and a Ten-Step Program for Recovery. This book has was released as an audio book as well. His other books include: Building Expert Systems; Pattern-Directed Inference System; Radical Simplicity: Transforming Computers into Me-Centric Appliances; and Hyper-Beings: How Intelligent Organizations Attain Supremacy through Information Superiority. He’s held faculty positions at MIT, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon, as well as NPS. He’s a Fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and a Senior Member of the IEEE.

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